What to Listen to While Running?

What to Listen to While Running?

Some people are so focused on doing anything, they can even read a book, magazine or e-contents on their tablets when workout on a treadmill. Others will find this very difficult to achieve. Running is a different situation especially when it is done outdoors. It is practically impossible to read a book or even watch contents on your phone while running outside. There are several things you may listen to when running outdoors, these include the following;



Perhaps music is the best thing to listen to while running for several reasons. Listening to different music appeals to a different situation. If relaxing, for instance, you may want to consider a piece of soothing, slow music to relieve stress and increase your relaxation hormones.

If running, you may want to switch to a danceable music rhythm where you can become so motivated to run and meet your target. It all depends on the genre of music that gets you excited, this could be hip hop, salsa, rock, metallic, and even your local traditional songs. As long as music gets you excited when you run, you will probably meet your preset target. You should choose a device with a huge memory to store hundreds, if not thousands of songs you can switch to.


The Running Games

We all know the motivational impact of music when it comes to running, but there comes a time when you don’t feel like listening to your favorite dance tracks, this is the time you should switch things up. You can add some fun to your running routine by downloading some running games. This is not about temple run, these are games that are actually designed to be listened to when running. This running game will actually put the runner inside the game and compete with other animated runners. You will definitely want to run faster and longer to beat your rivals.


The Running Audiobooks and Podcasts

Listening to a new or old podcast or audiobook can also work some magic into helping you achieve great results. You may consider the marathon training podcast from motivational speakers, for instance when you are running. These podcasts can actually give you tips and ideas on how to boost your endurance, and they relate to every aspect of running and getting the desired results from different workout types.

The podcasts and audiobooks also include advice and interviews conducted with professional runners, that can help you become a better runner. Make sure you choose audiobooks and podcasts that wouldn’t disrupt your performance. As a matter of fact, you should consider taking occasional breaks and pause the content especially when you feel you have missed your way.


Whatever you decide to listen to when running, you need to ensure that the device playing the songs is comfortably and securely positioned on your body to prevent falling off. This is why the use of armbands and some other device holders are recommended for regular runners.

There are sometimes when you should unplug any time of contents you are listening to and leave your device at home before embarking on a run. Unplugging your contents should be done once in a while, not only from the safety point of view, it will also help you experience the run and feel it in the natural sense. Playing extremely loud music when running can expose you to certain danger, especially when you are using a noisy route, where you need all your senses to be at alert. You may want to consider choosing a device that will also help you track your running performances by providing real-time data so that you can improve on previous performance.



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