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How to listen to music while running without an armband

How to listen to music while running without an armband

Having wire flapping around while listening to music when running without an armband is one of the major issues that can slow you down. Similarly, not dressed appropriately may also affect your running performance when trying to listen to music and at the same time running without an armband. Fortunately, some few tips can help you avoid this problem so that you can run efficiently without an armband while listening to music.


Make Use of a Smartwatch That Works with GPS and Comes with Music Playback


One of the easiest and most effective ways to listen to music while running without armband is to make use of a GPS that has an in-built music playback. Though, this feature is the most expensive of all your options but it is surely the easiest if you are looking for how to listen to music while running. There is a wide range of GPS options to choose from and they can store hundreds of songs to store. You can easily pair the smartwatch with your GPS and you wouldn’t even need your smartphone. The smartwatch itself is very light on your wrist and you can comfortably pair it with a headphone through Bluetooth.


Dress Appropriately for your Running

Sometimes, the best possible way to listen to music while running without an armband is to dress appropriately. If you prefer to have your phone very close to your hand, while you are running, then you should probably go for a forearm sleeve and the appropriate running shoes.


The forearm sleeve, for instance, sits comfortably on your lower arm, making it easily accessible to connect your headphone and listen to music. There are some brands of forearm sleeve that comes with protector touchscreen that is compatible with the smartphone and completely waterproof.


According to experts at Adventures Gears Lab, wearing the appropriate comfortable running shoes like the running shoes for shin splints can make running more comfortable while listening to music. Make sure the shoes don’t fit too tight or too loose and have a smooth grip on any running surface.


Wear a Sports Bra and Put the Music Device Inside, While Running

You should not put a smartphone or any device capable of radiation in your sports bra because of the health risks they pose. If your music player is a wireless one and you are not connecting it with a Bluetooth, then you can put it in your sports bra.

woman-sports bra

Remember that if you are running hard, you might get sweaty. In this situation, you should consider a waterproof music device. The sports bra is good for running while listening to music because it comes with some small pockets that can hold your things together.


Make Use of a Fit Belt

A Fit belt can also be good for regular runners, who want to listen to music. There are multiple openings in a fit belt and the belt itself sits comfortably on your waistband while the pockets are large enough to hold items such as the smartphone or music player. The fit belt is designed not to bounce up and down or sideways when you are running, hence your items wouldn’t pop out of their places. It is quite similar to an armband and it is suited for all athletic needs, aside from running. It is worth mentioning here that there are secured tethers on this fit belt to hold your keys and even the wedding ring. Fortunately, the fit belt is adjustable according to waist size.



Listening to music while running is fun, even though it can be difficult when you don’t wear an armband to hold your phone or music player in place. You may have to try out the options explained above and see the ones that are most comfortable for you under different situations. It is also important to choose waterproof sportswear or gear such as sports bra, smartwatch and fit belt because they ensure that your smartphone or any other music player does not get spoilt when they come in contact with water. While options such as smartwatch can be expensive, they are great investments you should consider because of the fact that they last long.