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What to Listen to While Running?

What to Listen to While Running?

Some people are so focused on doing anything, they can even read a book, magazine or e-contents on their tablets when workout on a treadmill. Others will find this very difficult to achieve. Running is a different situation especially when it is done outdoors. It is practically impossible to read a book or even watch contents on your phone while running outside. There are several things you may listen to when running outdoors, these include the following;



Perhaps music is the best thing to listen to while running for several reasons. Listening to different music appeals to a different situation. If relaxing, for instance, you may want to consider a piece of soothing, slow music to relieve stress and increase your relaxation hormones.

If running, you may want to switch to a danceable music rhythm where you can become so motivated to run and meet your target. It all depends on the genre of music that gets you excited, this could be hip hop, salsa, rock, metallic, and even your local traditional songs. As long as music gets you excited when you run, you will probably meet your preset target. You should choose a device with a huge memory to store hundreds, if not thousands of songs you can switch to.


The Running Games

We all know the motivational impact of music when it comes to running, but there comes a time when you don’t feel like listening to your favorite dance tracks, this is the time you should switch things up. You can add some fun to your running routine by downloading some running games. This is not about temple run, these are games that are actually designed to be listened to when running. This running game will actually put the runner inside the game and compete with other animated runners. You will definitely want to run faster and longer to beat your rivals.


The Running Audiobooks and Podcasts

Listening to a new or old podcast or audiobook can also work some magic into helping you achieve great results. You may consider the marathon training podcast from motivational speakers, for instance when you are running. These podcasts can actually give you tips and ideas on how to boost your endurance, and they relate to every aspect of running and getting the desired results from different workout types.

The podcasts and audiobooks also include advice and interviews conducted with professional runners, that can help you become a better runner. Make sure you choose audiobooks and podcasts that wouldn’t disrupt your performance. As a matter of fact, you should consider taking occasional breaks and pause the content especially when you feel you have missed your way.


Whatever you decide to listen to when running, you need to ensure that the device playing the songs is comfortably and securely positioned on your body to prevent falling off. This is why the use of armbands and some other device holders are recommended for regular runners.

There are sometimes when you should unplug any time of contents you are listening to and leave your device at home before embarking on a run. Unplugging your contents should be done once in a while, not only from the safety point of view, it will also help you experience the run and feel it in the natural sense. Playing extremely loud music when running can expose you to certain danger, especially when you are using a noisy route, where you need all your senses to be at alert. You may want to consider choosing a device that will also help you track your running performances by providing real-time data so that you can improve on previous performance.



The Best devices to Listen to Music

The Best devices to Listen to Music

The best devices to listen to music don’t have to be expensive gadgets, but they have to offer the convenience of being transported easily without interrupting their usage. While any device can be used to listen to music while you are indoor or around your home, not all devices can be used to play music while you are working out. Aside from convenience, you must also consider some other factors such as memory size, when choosing your ideal devices to listen to music. The following devices are considered the best devices to listen to music in different situations;


The Wireless headphone Walkman

This is one of the easiest devices you should consider for music play and listening. It is simply a pair of wireless headphones, with the options of 4Gb or 16GB internal storage which can contain hundreds of music.

Some brands, including the new Sony Walkman, are waterproof, hence you can use them when running in the rain, surfing in the ocean or swimming in the pool. You should consider the rechargeable wireless headphone Walkman that can be recharged. A single recharge of this device can power it for up to 12 hours.


The Apple Smartwatch

This device is described as the reigning king of wearable music players. You may want to go for the new Series 4 watch which comes with new design and several upgraded features. This is one of the best devices to listen to music while tracking your fitness data at the same time. It is internet enabled; hence you can download and transfer your songs into the device.   The Apple smartwatch comes with water resistance measure of up to 50 meters.


The MP3 player

The mp3 player is one of the oldest devices for listening to music. The device has evolved with lots of cool new features to make it more functional and convenient. Of all the music players around, the portable mp3 seems to be the cheapest around. It is relatively lightweight, making it even more convenient to take everywhere you go. New options come with in-built MicroSD slot that has a wide range of varying memory sizes.

The 8GB storage MP3 player can store up to 2000 songs. You should consider getting mp3 players with rechargeable batteries that can last up to 18 hours after a single recharge. If you like FM radio tuners, you may also consider going for the ones with in-built radio feature.


The 7th Generation iPod Touch

The Apple iPod Touch is one of the best devices to listen to music whether you are on the go or relaxing in your bedroom. Just like many other traditional music players, Apple iPod Touch has also evolved over the years. You can choose the one with the internal storage space of up to 32GB.

One of the spectacular features of the iPod Touch is that it can play music in different files. The iPod Touch has the same interface as many IOS devices; hence it is a great option if you are already using an IOS device.



In addition to memory size and convenience, you should also consider the price of a music device you opt for. If the price is on the high side, then it should come with some added features to justify such high prices. The compactness of the music player device is also important. For instance, the device must snug perfectly on your wrist or any other part of your body. If you can’t wear the device, then there should be a supportive wearable accessory that will hold it in place when you are exercising.

Best way to listen to music while working out

Best way to listen to music while working out

Depending on the type of exercises you indulge in, it could be easier or extremely difficult to listen to music when you work out. For instance, you may find it easier to listen to music while you do push-ups or lift weights while resting your back on an elevated, flat surface. It is however slightly more difficult when you are running and trying to listen to music. When running, for instance, your music player may fall off your body, thus making it very difficult to have a stable music listening experience. Here are some of the best ways to listen to music while working out;


Choose the Right Music Player

The best way to listen to music while working out is to choose the right compatible music player. Your smartphone and some other larger devices can get in your way when you try to exercise and listen to music at the same time. You should rather go for a very small music player such as the tiny iPod shuffle, that can be easily attached to your body while you enjoy your music and workout sessions. Choosing an ideal music player offers a lot of conveniences because it doesn’t add any extra pressure on you.


Make Use of Arm Band

The armband is one of the best companions for individuals who work out regularly. The armband comes with hooks that go over the ears and they give you the freedom to run around withoutdetaching yourself from your favorite music. The armband is very much affordable and you can even ask for the water-resistant options if you workout under unpredictable weather conditions.


Use a Smartwatch

If you are a fan of Apple smartwatch, then you should love the idea of using the device to listen to music while working out. Apple smartwatch does more than record your workout results, distance covered during a workout, heartbeat rates, and workout route. With a smartwatch, you can easily listen to your favorite music while you run. Most smartwatches are water-resistant hence they can be used under different weather conditions. Smartwatches also come with huge internal memory to record all your music in one place.


Use Exercise-friendly Headphones

Bulky headphones can fall off your ears easily and that is why they are not the best options for listening to music while you work out. Bulky headphones also come with cords or wires that easily tangled as you move. For this reason, you should rather consider headphones that are specifically designed for different workouts. These headphones do come with smaller earbuds that wouldn’t fall out. The Yurbuds in-ear headphones are some of the best headphones that work perfectly for people who exercise a lot.


Make Use of Bluetooth Headphones

As opposed to the headphones that can fall off, Bluetooth headphones make it more convenient to work out without the issues of headphone wires. The only drawback about wireless Bluetooth headphones is that you need to recharge them frequently. A single recharge can power the headphones for more than 10 hours, which is more than enough for a single day workout time. Bluetooth headphones are just as cheap as the traditional headphones but they offer more convenience for regular workouts.



If you enjoy working out in the water, you may want to use underwater headphones to listen to your favorite music. The underwater headphones are special types of swimming-friendly music players that send sound vibrations through the jawbone and are sometimes referred to as “Swimp3 music players”.

It is important to try out all your options and see the ones that work best for your workout needs.