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Benefits of listening to music

Benefits of listening to music

The benefits of listening to music are far more than the pleasure or fun it creates for the listener. Regardless of the genre of music, you listen to you should take advantage of the positive impact the music will impact on your body. The following are some of the most important benefits of listening to music;

It Increases Motivation During Workout

Do you want to increase your energy level while working out?  Play your favorite music and you will receive a great motivation to achieve great success. Scientists believe that playing one’s favorite music with the right workout rhythm has some positive therapeutic effects on the brain, which in turn create more energy and motivation to sustain your workout even longer.

This benefit is only possible when you play the music you enjoy and the rhythm flows with the intensity of your workout. Make sure you include the right type of music for your next workout and you will achieve more than your target.


Music Increases Happiness

The natural chemical of mood elevation and happiness are released more when you listen to music.  If you require an emotional boost, listening to your favorite music or something new within 15 minutes can get you high naturally. The simple explanation for this effect is that listening to good music will trigger the brain to release Dopamine- the “feel good” neurotransmitter that increases the feeling of happiness and excitement.


Music Decreases Stress while Boosting Overall Health

Music is capable of decreasing stress and elevating overall health because it has a direct positive effect on our hormones. If you listen for music you enjoy and love, your body’s stress hormone, known as the Cortisol will greatly reduce thus counteracting all the effects of stress in the body.

Stress is believed to be the underlying cause of almost 60% of diseases in the human body, hence lowering stress level will boost your overall health. Some researches confirmed that individuals who listen to music regularly have elevated immune system compared to those who do so occasionally. For health revitalization of the body on a stressful day, you should consider listening to your favorite music.


Music Improves Sleep

You might have heard of many people saying slow music helps them sleep particularly in the night. This is very true! More people are suffering from sleep deprivation or Insomnia but a study has revealed that listening to classical or relaxing music will significantly improve sleep compared to listening to audiobooks or simply relaxing before bedtime.

Since we all know how effective music can influence the body’s hormones, it makes sense to throw in some relaxing music especially when you are about to go to bed. Combining a good sleep with moderate workout can actually help you maintain a healthy weight for a long period.



There is a wide range of other benefits of listening to music. Music, For instance, has been found to strengthen cognitive thinking. It helps you learn more and memorize information even faster and better.  When you listen to music, your memory recall will increase especially when you associate the music with a past event. Research has also revealed that verbal intelligence especially among toddlers younger than 7 increase significantly with exposure to certain types of music. Listening to music has also been found to raise IQ or intelligence and academic performance in teens, and younger adults.

In addition to the benefits highlighted above, it is also believed that listening to music can decrease the threshold of pain. It is also found out that listening to music decreases the recovery time for individuals being treated for ailments like stroke.